Review of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ by Jane Lovering

Can't Buy Me LoveCan’t Buy Me Love by Jane Lovering

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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As sweet as the title of this book is, the content itself did not quiet evoke the same feeling when reading it.

This book had me cringing from the beginning, which I really had not expected at all. Cheesiness (adorable cheesiness, mind you), sure, but for it to be cringe-worthy?
Not quite.

Okay, so I will try to delve into the ridiculousness without giving anything away, though it’ll definitely be hard.

Anyway, first thing I have to mention, is how much I could not stand the MC, Willow. I went back and forth between thinking she was either naive, or just plain stupid. I really tried to give her the benefit of the doubt – as a woman falling in love – but she made such
decisions, or ignored so many obvious things, that I wasn’t very sympathetic when things didn’t go so well for her. Honestly, I’m not sure I have a single good thing to say about her…she was nice to others…does that count?

Now, when it came to the two romantic interests, they were both very different in their roles, and very different in how they treated Willow. It didn’t take very long for me to figure out which guy was the better of the two, but it was pretty obvious…to everyone but Willow, that is. Mostly because she’s an idiot, but I think I’ve already established that.

Really, I just didn’t like any of the characters, and none of them were all that memorable for me, which was really disappointing.

When it comes to the story itself – seriously, I hate that I’m continually saying this – I really didn’t end up liking it. It’s supposed to be centered around the book’s title, Can’t Buy Me Love, about how money can’t buy a person’s love, and yes, money does come into play, but the way it does is so stupid! It’s just another indication of how stupid the MC is, and I have MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show to blame for my thinking that everyone is now suspicious, and especially when it comes to people and money.
Anyway, tangent aside, I just wasn’t a fan of how this story played out, and because I’d had a hard time finding any interest in this book at all.

So now that I’ve stated how much I disliked this book in general, what did I like?
The ending.
Not only because it meant the book was over, but because it was admittedly satisfying. I won’t say how, because that would be a bit too spoilery, but though it was cheesy, it’s an ending that wasn’t open-ended, so I’ll give it that.

Can’t say I’d recommend this one, purely because I just didn’t like it.

Thank you to Choc Lit via NetGalley, for giving me this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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