Review of ‘Crow Mountain’ by Lucy Inglis 

Originally posted October 15, 2015 on Goodreads.

Crow MountainCrow Mountain by Lucy Inglis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this book initially with no idea what it was really about. I understood that it was going to be told in two parallel accounts, one in the present, and one in the past. But I wasn’t sure how they were supposed to correspond, besides the fact that both were of English girls, taking shelter in a mountain cabin in Montana, each with a young man who knew of survival. The modern story being that of Hope Cooper and Cal Crow, and the past belonging to Emily and Nate.

Honestly, I enjoyed Emily and Nate’s story much better. I loved reading about an English girl from a wealthy, proper family having to adjust to living in the backwoods with a young American guy who only seemed to emphasize their differences in class. Being that she lived in a time when young women were expected to be the epitome of moral decorum, it was obviously difficult for her to adjust to mountain-living, especially with a guy who could care less about maintaining respectability. Though the two differed tremendously, I enjoyed reading about their interactions, and I really couldn’t help but fall for Nate. He was everything you can want in a potential love interest, and his patience with Emily was amazing. I’m not sure many guys could handle her and her bristly ways.

The Hope and Cal couple were alright, but they just weren’t super interesting to me. I don’t really have any legit complaints when it comes to them, but I think the fact that I was so in love with Emily and Nate kind of made the other couple a bit lukewarm for me, unfortunately. But they really weren’t bad overall.

In conclusion, I loved this book to pieces, and gladly recommend it to all.


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