Review of ‘Coco Chanel Saved My Life’ by Danielle F. White

Coco Chanel Saved My LifeCoco Chanel Saved My Life by Danielle F. White

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A contemporary novel meant to channel the cosmopolitan glamor of Coco Chanel, but falls flat, unable to deliver the sophistication one expects of a novel bearing the name of someone so timeless.

Rebecca Bruni has just been dumped.
Sure, they weren’t “officially” dating, but she had given him her heart, expecting his in return. She had originally intended her move to Milan bringing her closer to Niccolò, the aforementioned man, but now Rebecca must view this as an opportunity to better herself; all while attempting to use Chanel’s sophisticated life as her standard.
But will Rebecca be satisfied on her own, as Chanel had been, or will she prefer another shot at finding love? In a new city, anything can happen.

Rebecca is your typical heroine. She’s looking for love with the perfect man–usually in all the wrong places–and is just trying to get by in life.
With Coco Chanel as her model of the quintessential woman, she hopes that Chanel’s classic glamor will be an advantage in a city full of passing trends. Which does sound like a good, clever idea, but unfortunately, Rebecca just comes across as boring to me.

Another thing, is that she may be in her early 30’s, but she’s still a bit stupid when it comes to romance. She falls in love with a man who had only viewed her as a friend. Sure, they did do all the things that couples tend to do together, but Niccolò never spoke of love. He would compliment her, or say they made a great “team”, but never mentioned love. I can’t help but think that if he felt more for her, he’d have said something…but Rebecca didn’t stop to think about it, instead she continued on with her ridiculously long, one-sided love for the guy. Ugh!

Moving on from her ridiculous love life–or lack of–she’s really just not interesting.

Life in General:
She works (and yes, her boss does suck, of course), meets up with friends (you get small glimpses of their lives, but they are mostly too busy talking about the woe in Rebecca’s), and goes shopping (for shoes and shift dresses, which seems to be the only things the author really cared to note).
Wow…how is that really any different from most lives?
I mean, sure, this book could be going for a more realistic storyline, but I like my Chick Lit to be more fanciful…even if their life sucks, I want to see the heroine getting involved in a romance I find myself envying. Not this boring nothingness.

Coco, Who?
Finally, the Coco Chanel aspect really only played a small part in this book. I didn’t feel like she was that much of a presence. Well, besides Rebecca being called ‘Coco’ by her friends…referring to Chanel’s style when it came to clothing and the like…and lastly, mentioning a Chanel quote; I didn’t feel like Rebecca was channeling the fashion maven. Instead, it just seemed like she was a typical fan, talking about her idol.

Wrapping up, I did not like the story progression; nor the boring “romances”.
I especially did not like the way this book ended, in fact, I hated it.
I was unsatisfied, and even now, thinking about it, I hate it even more.
Overall, such a disappointing read for me.

Will I recommend? No thank you.

Thank you to Aria who provided this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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