Review of ‘The Possibility of Somewhere’ by Julia Day

The Possibility of SomewhereThe Possibility of Somewhere by Julia Day

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On a bad day, I’d probably hate this book’s guts, with all its cliches when it comes to a poor girl/boy and rich boy/girl falling for each other ‘through all their differences‘…but this book caught me at the right time and I ended up really liking it more than I thought I would.

In this book, Eden Moore is the ultimate stereotypically-written poor girl. She’s white, lives in a trailer (though have you seen some of the mobile home communities that exist these days?? The retirement one my grandparent’s live in is super nice with its three pools and more than several hot tubs to soak in!!), and her father is not at all supportive of her plans to further her education beyond high school. But Eden’s goal is to get out of her small town and away from her stereotypical life, so with her perfect GPA, she hopes to get a specific college scholarship that will help her to do that.
Course, she hadn’t counted on Ash Gupta competing to get the very same scholarship as her. Not only is he smart, but he also comes from a wealthy family, who would more than likely be able to pay for his schooling. Though Eden initially resents him because his academic goals clash with hers, after they’re thrown together for various projects, Eden begins to realize that though their worlds are very different, they actually do share common interests and goals. And finally, there is their growing attraction to each other. But with all of their differences, is a future together even possible?

So what exactly was it about Eden and Ash’s romance that I liked so much, especially when I put The Sun Is Also A Star‘s romance through such a wringer?

Well, it was because it felt more realistic to me, and didn’t get so cheesy I’d cringe. The other book took the idea of ‘love at first sight‘ and ran with it, while in this, Ash and Eden at least knew each other for several years since they go to the same high school.
We aren’t given the idea that they’d harbored long unspoken crushes on each other, but they admit to finding each other attractive, and their romance slowly builds as they get to know each other in more personal settings.

Now, I did not like the constant reminder that Eden was so ‘poor and pitiful‘. I realize that much of this book’s premise is centered on how different Eden and Ash are supposed to be, but seriously, I get it already!!! Let’s discount the fact that Eden is so smart, that she’s number one in her class, and on her way to likely becoming valedictorian. No, let’s mention again how she’s poor, sheesh, cause we’d forgotten since the last time it was brought up in some form or other.

Anyway, I did enjoy this book more than I didn’t, and even when I was skimming through it again for this review, I found myself re-reading parts because it was a good book.

Definitely will recommend this one.

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