Review of ‘Dead Girls Society’ by Michelle Krys

Dead Girls SocietyDead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s begin with my synopsis:

Hope has cystic fibrosis, and her weak lungs make it difficult for her to have a normal life. She’s treated with such fragility by her mother and best friend Ethan (whom she happens to have feelings for) brings with it the motivation to accept an invitation from a mysterious group called the
Spurred by the chance to win money that could help with medical expenses and her family’s bills, Hope joins a few other girls who have all been chosen to carry out dares the Society challenges them with.
But it doesn’t take long for Hope to find out that the Society is much more sinister than she’d thought, and once you join, there is no out.

So, when it came to Hope’s character, I liked that she seemed to fall on such a different part of the spectrum when it comes to your stereotypical YA protagonist. I didn’t really know much about cystic fibrous, but I feel like I learned a lot about the disease from this book, and I can’t imagine living life like Hope does. Medications and treatments everyday… It’s no wonder she’s desperate enough to accept an invitation from something that most would deem shady. I felt for her, and was eager to see her do well with her dares.

The other girls that are invited into the game each lead very different lives, which does have you wondering how they were chosen, but the fact that they’re such an eclectic bunch does make the book more interesting for sure.

What also helped keep it interesting were the dares. I won’t reveal any of them for the sake of keeping this review spoiler-free as I prefer to do. Anyway, the dares were not your usual fare when it comes to “high school shenanigans”, but drove up the intensity for sure. Especially when you remember Hope’s illness.

As for romance…there wasn’t a huge emphasis on that department, though there were a few mentions, and I did like the little bit that there was.

So, overall, I did enjoy this book. It wasn’t the best, but I did find it more enjoyable than not, and would be glad to recommend it.

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