Review of ‘This is My Brain on Boys’ by Sarah Strohmeyer

Sorry it’s only taken me about fifteen years to finally post a review! :\

This Is My Brain on BoysThis Is My Brain on Boys by Sarah Strohmeyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you enjoy the concise – but witty – way that Dr. Temperance Brennan on
speaks, then you’ll likely enjoy Sarah Strohmeyer‘s version in Addie Emerson.

In This Is My Brain on Boys, our protagonist is the extremely intelligent (as well as blunt) Addie, and she believes she knows the formula to make people fall in love. After months of drafting her very precise method, she is ready to test it on humans, and has devised an experiment using several of her own classmates as the test subjects. If all goes accordingly, the plan is to submit her findings in the hopes of winning a prestigious award that includes a full scholarship to her dream school, Harvard.

But Addie doesn’t count on Kris being the kink in her plans. Kris, the cute boy who not only experienced a death-defying flight with Addie, but also happens to be one of the subjects in her experiment. There’s no way Addie can allow her feelings to derail her hopes of getting into college, even if that means losing out on the chance of falling in love…

Honestly, I think the biggest reason I enjoyed this book so much, and Addie’s role, is seriously because of my love for the aforementioned tv series, Bones. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor of the show, and I really found This Is My Brain on Boys to be very similar in tones of hilarity. I loved that Addie was so literal, that jokes and pop-culture references usually went over her head, causing her to explain something entirely in its literal, painfully obvious sense. But to me, that’s what made her so funny and so endearing.

I really liked Kris, and his part as Addie’s “maybe” love interest. He happens to be a bit of a bleeding heart (for the sake of this being spoiler-free, I won’t go into detail, so READ THE BOOK!!!), but this just serves to emphasize how much of a caring person he is. He does make mistakes (some bigger than others, but again, this is a spoiler-free zone), but also has the sense to regret it and be apologetic, which I liked about him. Overall, I did like his character.

I’m not sure I’ve stressed how much I loved this book (or did I?) and its characters, but I really, really did, so I will definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a fun, cute romance amidst all the dystopian/fantasy reads that seem to be so prevalent these days. (Not that I’m really complaining, since those tend to be my favorite types of books to read, but hey, sometimes we just need a good contemporary, right?)

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