Review of ‘Shuffle, Repeat’ by Jen Klein

Shuffle, RepeatShuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this book! It kept me enthralled from beginning to end, and will be sure to join my list of favorites.

Described as a When Harry Met Sally for the YA audience, here we get to enjoy June and Oliver’s story.

If not for the fact that June and her mother moved to a house barely five minutes away from Oliver’s, and their mothers being best best friends, the two likely could have gone their entire high school years not speaking to each other. But, because both statements are true, June finds herself carpooling to school with Oliver ever morning. Not being very interested in small-talk with Oliver, June figures they can listen to music to drown out any need for convo, but it’s no surprise that these two very different teens have very different taste in music and they can’t agree on what to play. This has them coming up with the idea of a master playlist in which one will be granted a song pick if that person can prove that their life philosophy is true (this is about as deep as it really gets in this book). So back and forth they go with their arguments for their causes (and the chance of a song pick!), obviously leading to them getting closer.

And, oh! Could that be romance on the horizon? *Shades eyes to see.*

Anyway, you probably can figure at this point that nothing will be easy between the two, so their banter is a huge factor in drawing me in. I live for good banter, and June and Oliver gave me plenty to enjoy.

And can I say how I happy I was that June did not play the typical YA role of “Super Annoying Teen Girl”? At least in my opinion she didn’t. She was much more substantial as a person, and didn’t fall all over herself trying to please a guy or feeling sorry for herself. Basically the pathetic wrecks that unfortunately tend to overpopulate a lot of YA books.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story Jen Klein put together, and will keep her on my radar if this book is any indication of how awesome her writing is!

Definitely one I’ll recommend!!

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