Monday Edition of #currentreads

Here we are with another Monday update of the book/s I am #currentlyreading:


Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys ~ 16% in.

I just started this book, but it’s already got me hooked! I’m not sure I can stress how much I’ve been loving thrillers this year, and this one is definitely shaping up to be one!


Vicarious by Paula Stokes ~ I’m now 24% in, and unfortunately have not made a ton of progress since the last time I’d posted an update of my reads. But I will blame it on a busy vacation, in which I pretty much only sat to read maybe one time, due to how exhausted I’d get. So, I’ve just made it a really climatic moment in the MC’s life, which is likely when all the real action starts! Looking forward to seeing what comes next in this book!


So there we are with my #currentreads! I’d love to know what you’re currently reading and whether or not you’re enjoying it.


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