Review of ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’ by Nicola Yoon

The Sun Is Also a StarThe Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unpopular opinion time.

Okay, so I’ll be honest and admit that at times while reading this book, I couldn’t help but feel that it just tried too hard to be this amazing, transcendent love story. Sure, I did enjoy this book, but I just couldn’t stop thinking how unbelievable and over the top it could be!

Natasha and Daniel are our MCs, but included at times were the stories and outcomes of others who happened to come across either of the MCs.

Natasha is originally from Jamaica, having lived in America with her family long enough to have lost her accent, and feel that it is her home. But a mishap caused by her father now has them being deported back to Jamaica. It is while Natasha is attempting to find a way to stop her family from being sent away, that very night, that she meets Daniel, a first-generation Korean American on his way to an inter for what his parent’s call second-best school (first being Harvard, the school his perfect, but douchey older brother was a student of), Yale.

But it is by chance (a fluke, serendipity, they were meant to be, yada yada) that they meet, first intro being due to both catching Natasha’s ex-boy’s new girl and her thieving self in a record store, second when Daniel saves Natasha from getting hit by a car.

Theirs is not a mutual infatuation to start. Daniel is the one who decides he likes Natasha at first sight, while Natasha needs to be convinced he’s even worth getting to know.

Of course, it weighs heavy on her mind, the fact that her family are leaving that very day, but due to Daniel’s poetic, romantic heart, he’s able to break down her walls and soon we’re submerged into the ridiculous over the top romance I mentioned earlier.

Honestly, how many teenage guys are out there waiting to use poetry to combat a weary heart? Obviously it’s not impossible, I’m just cynical, so i have a hard time with this one.

Anyway, I just wasn’t really sure about Daniel and Natasha as a couple, not because of cultural or racial differences, but because their personalities were so radically different! Sure, we can use the old adage about opposites attracting, but I can’t help but personally feel it to be so unrealistic.

Then again, did I already mention I am somewhat a cynic when it comes to romantic love?

After all that, let’s try for some positivity now!

I do think that Nicola Yoon is a very good writer, and there’s definitely an intelligence in the way she puts her stories together, but maybe I’m just not a fan of sappy, contemporary romances? Or maybe it was just this book in particular that managed to rub me the wrong way? Shrug, I guess I’ll never know.

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