Review of ‘The Neverland Wars’ by Audrey Greathouse

The Neverland WarsThe Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I’m disappointed to say that I was just not impressed with this book.

The idea of a story being set in/tied-to Neverland, a place where the young do not age. Mythical creatures abound…it kind of gives you the idea that you’ll be reading something fun and exciting. The fact that it was not fun, nor exciting, just made the story fall flat.

Honestly, how many stories having to do with Neverland are out there? That being said, I expected to read something a bit more fresh or new when I jumped into this one. Sadly, not even the fact that Peter Pan was an included character could help this. He really only existed because the story needed someone to blame when a child went missing, like MC Gwen’s little sister, and thus having to reveal that, ‘oh yeah, so magic is real, and Peter Pan’s the one who took your sister’…

We’re then told that modern-day inventions happen to be powered by magic, and did you really believe that scientists or inventors would have actually been able to further the economic age without it? Your cell phone? Yeah, another thing powered by magic. Satellites? Seriously???


Anways, so Gwen’s sister is “taken”, which soon after leads to her ending up in Neverland as well. But, seriously, Gwen as an MC is such a buzzkill!!! She’s constantly worrying about everything, including what the Lost Children (wouldn’t be Neverland without them, right?) say or do, thinking that she, as the oldest, has to be some sort of mother-figure or something. But she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s in fricking NEVERLAND, so who in heck knows how old these kids have been there, surviving without her annoying self?? Gwen, and her annoying “Please be PC” self just wore on me without any real progression to her character.

…or even progression with the story-line, for that matter. It’s like, ‘oh, what should we do today?’ ‘I don’t know, let’s go and wander around, pretending that we’re doing something in order to keep this story going!!’ (Insert manic laughter here…) This was just plain boring, seriously.

One more thing I have to mention about Gwen, is that she was brought in because her sister told the others she was an amazing storyteller, so I’m assuming that when we hear one of her stories, they’ll at least be interesting, right?
Sure, it can’t be easy to come up with a clever story within a story, one that will intrigue the audience, while supposedly amazing the children, but if you’re going to use that as a selling point, then you should probably come up with something good to tell…just saying. But at this point, I’ve already pretty much passed judgement on this book, so what does it matter anymore?

This is obviously not one I’m going to recommend.

This copy was received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest Review. Huge thanks to both. 

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