Review of ‘Scary Out There’ by Jonathan Maberry

Scary Out ThereScary Out There by Jonathan Maberry

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In the introduction of Scary Out There, we’re told that not all fear is the same, so what may scare one person won’t scare another. Being that that is the case, horror stories can be an exciting way to see what sends chills down your spine, and just what type of fears you may not have know about yourself.

Do I feel that Scary Out There did it for me?


Out of 21 different stories in this one book, Danny by Josh Malerman was the only one to really give me chills.

In Danny, fifteen year old Kelly is looking to try out her first baby-sitting gig, having found it in an ad. Though her father is extremely reluctant for her to take on such a job, with the full support of her mother, he eventually caves. Kelly’s initial call to the parents of the child is strange, but just when the father appears to be turning her down, he asks her to show up at a designated time.
When Kelly makes it to the house, she meets the Donalds, a strange and aloof couple who explain to her her duties when taking care of their child.
But then, when you think that’s all, they hit Kelly with a bombshell about Danny, and the events leading from that point on is what really shot up the chill factor! This story was definitely awesome to me, and I’ll have to be sure to check out more from Josh Malerman, especially if they’re anything along the same vein as Danny!

Now, the writing and the stories in this book weren’t bad at all, and some were actually pretty entertaining, but personally, I just couldn’t get past the fact that I wanted to be scared. I wanted to be creeped out, and it just disappointed me that only one story did that for me.

I won’t go so far as to not recommend this, cause who knows, other horror fans might actually find these stories terrifying, and I wouldn’t want my lack of fright to deter you.

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