Monday Edition of #currentreads

I’ve been neglecting my posting of my Monday Edition of current reads because of busyness, but I did want to make sure and share what I am currently reading:


Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3) by Sarah J. Maas ~ 37% in. I am so glad I decided to read more from this series and not give up after Throne of Glass. The first book I did not really like. The second book I LOVED!!! The third book is proving to be just as exciting as the second, and I am now enthralled by this series!


The Creeper Man (US Title: And the Trees Crept In) by Dawn Kurtagich ~ 35% in. If you’ve been following my IG for awhile or are a friend on Goodreads or my blog, then you will know that I love horror/supernatural reads. Since this book wasn’t releasing in the states when I wanted to get it, I went ahead and bought the UK edition from Book Depository.

Anyway, The Creeper Man started off slow, but it’s beginning to get interesting, so fingers crossed that it ends up to be to my liking.


(Not pictured:)

The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse (e-arc from Netgalley) ~ I am 39% in and have been for a week now. It is not a hard read, but a bit boring for me. So far it hasn’t been bad enough for me to DNF, so I’m going to make sure on getting it done in the next few days (I really need to get more cleared off my Netgalley shelf as well!).


Please let me know what you’re currently reading and how are you liking it!


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