Review of ‘The Archived’ by Victoria Schwab

The Archived (The Archived, #1)The Archived by Victoria Schwab

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I know I’ve said this a million times, but this was such a unique story!!!

The idea that there is a library (the Archive) where Histories (essentially the body of one who has passed) rest like books on shelves, able to be read…it’s such a crazy concept!

We, along with the MC Mackenzie, are told that the bodies no longer hold the thoughts and the basic substance involved in making them one of the living. They are shells, but shells that still hold all the memories of their lives.

Mackenzie’s job description is that she is a Keeper, someone who recovers the Histories who “awaken” and bring them back to their shelves. But even though Mac and her parents have very recently moved into an apartment building that had long ago been converted from its previous use as a hotel – and it’s supposed to have more work for Mac because of its long history – the amount of Histories that are waking is a bit alarming for Mac. Then Mac finds out that several Histories have been/are being altered, and the only one who can do so is a Librarian (the ones in charge of the Archive). So Mac is left to figure out who is going out of their way to alter these Histories, before these changes cause the Archive to destroy itself.

This book was intriguing for me. The concept itself is what really got me, and I couldn’t help but envision the setting as if it were a stage play… Setting: The Archive is all dark except in the places where people are present. These people will have a spotlight on them whenever conversation is exchanged and necessary for the act.

Obviously the way I pictured it won’t likely be the same as anyone else’s, but my method did help me to see things better personally.

Moving on.

Mackenzie was a likable MC for me. I liked that she wasn’t super amazing (in the sense that most MCs seem to have that gene that makes them the only of their kind and oh so “special”), but she had to work to get where she is. She was chosen for her job by her grandfather, because he recognized a drive in her that her father lacked, making her the perfect candidate for the role of Keeper.

I also liked Wesley a lot. He was the cute boy with eyeliner and the appearance of someone dark and tough. But really, he was a boy who was kind, understanding, and there when she needed him to be.

In conclusion, The Archive is an emotional read with loss, some romance – didn’t really care for the romance, so I won’t really touch on it except to say that I just didn’t really like it – and a cool, unique atmosphere that will have you enthralled. Definitely one I’ll recommend!

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