My July Wrap-up


This is a few days late, but here is my July Wrap-up!


I finished 7 books in the month of July (one managed to not make the picture 😬).

Here are the ratings for the books I completed.


•Dream On (The Silver Trilogy #2) by Kerstin Gier ~ 4/5⭐️ *I absolutely loved Gier’s Precious Stone trilogy, so it was a no-brainer that I’d have to read the Silver Trilogy. I am dying to read the last one, because I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!

•Falling by Jane Green ~ 4/5⭐️ *I rarely read books from the Women’s Fiction category anymore, but Green has always been an author I’d liked from the genre. I liked this one a lot, and it’ll definitely surprise you, though I will only say that much, so you’ll have to find out what I’m talking about when you read it!

•Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco ~ 4/5⭐️ *I really enjoyed Maniscalco’s writing! I love reading books based on the Ripper, and seeing how people incorporate the horror that he inflicted, but in a way that doesn’t make it out to be a B-movie slasher. This book was clever, and the strong heroine makes for an exciting read!

•Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow #1) by Danielle Paige ~ 3/5⭐️ *I am sad to say that this book did not wow me in the way that Paige’s Dorothy series did. Stealing Snow bordered on ridiculous with the amount of love interests, and the fact that I almost couldn’t keep track of where the heck she was at the moment! But I can’t help but be interested in where this series is going, so I will definitely be reading the next book. (I plan on posting a review of this book closer to the release date.)

•The Archived (The Archived #1) by Victoria Schwab ~ 4/5⭐️ *This was my first book from Schwab, and I’m sorry that I’m late to the party! I enjoyed this book, and since I will have a review going up tomorrow for it, I won’t be adding more thoughts on this one.

•Fate of Flames (Effigies #1) by Sarah Raughley  ~ 4/5⭐️ *This was definitely an exciting read! I loved the concept of four “super” girls who each have the ability to fight the evil creatures plaguing the world, and I loved that they aren’t who you’d expect world saviors to be, but like anyone, they’re learning. 


(Not pictured)

Girl in the Shadows (Girl on a Wire #2) by Gwenda Bond ~ 3/5⭐️ *I didn’t much care for the instalove in this book, and a lot of it stemmed from the fact that I didn’t trust the guy. It wasn’t necessarily because of him doing anything to warrant it, but because I think it’s ridiculous to be so ‘all-in’ with someone you barely know! I’m not sure when she even learned his last name…anyway, my hang ups may not be the same as yours, so you should still check this book out if you’re into books about circuses and magicians.


4 thoughts on “My July Wrap-up

    • Thank you! 😊
      I did enjoy the first ‘Silver’ book – ‘Dream a Little Dream’ – but I will say it had a bit of a rushed wrap-up that ended on a cliffhanger…cliffhangers frustrate me, so if they frustrate you too, the third book doesn’t come out till May (projected release) of 2017!! 😬
      I do hope you do enjoy this series, because they really are interesting, fun reads!


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