Review of ‘No Love Allowed’ by Kate Evangelista

No Love AllowedNo Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book started off so well. I tend to really enjoy books and movies in which fake relationships turn into real love, so I figured I’d love this one just on my own general stereotype.

But, no. It didn’t quite work out that way.

I had loved the way Caleb and Didi meet cute. Their first real interaction isn’t until Caleb “saves” Didi after she jumps off a cliff in what he assumes is a suicide attempt. Once it’s clear that she was not making an attempt on her life, Caleb relaxes and is able to take the situation for what it actually is – funny.

So, as I stated earlier, this book involves having a fake relationship, which happens to be between Caleb and Didi. Caleb “hires” Didi (who refuses to accept money, she does it for fun…seriously) to be his fake girlfriend for the summer after his father serves him an ultimatum that may have Caleb losing the gap year he was supposed to have before starting school at Yale. Didi is the helpful gal who takes the position, and really appears to be fine with just dressing up and going to these parties with Caleb, without anything in return!

I would have taken the stinkin’ money! The girl just got fired from her job, her mom is working hard juggling jobs, while Didi’s principles have her refusing a paycheck when Caleb initially offers! Ugh. I understand there’s a need for pride, but I think that when you’re having to spend a lot of money on medication (oh yeah, did I mention that she’s apparently been diagnosed with something, and has to take what seems to be a decent amount of medication? And we’re not told until later what exactly is her illness.) then you’d take the money. I don’t know, I could be alone with this opinion, but I’m sure there have to be others who agree.

Anyway, I didn’t love this book, so I’ll just conclude my review here on that note.

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