#Bookhaul/Bookmail for 5/14


All of these books, except for the last, were random UK books I found on Book Depository, and can I say how glad I am that such a site exists so I can read books that aren’t released in the US??


Dark Room by Tom Becker

~ I absolutely love horror as a genre, and when I found the Red Eye collection featured horror as its mainstay…I knew I had to get this book, as well as the next one listed.

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

~ I looked up what a Frozen Charlotte was, and apparently they are porcelain dolls that were molded into a single piece, and one of their more popular uses had been for dollhouses – though I’m not sure what sense they’re using it for in this book – and the back cover makes mention of a girl with a room full of antique dolls…a girl that shouldn’t be…a girl that died… I just couldn’t resist a book with a girl ghost, who has a room full of dolls, cause you know that has to be scary!!!

Love Song by Sophia Bennett

~ A girl who ends up working in a famous band’s entourage, and she’s not a fan? Judging by the title, I’m gonna assume the MC falls in love with someone in the band (I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to you as well), so that there pretty much has me hooked on the idea of this book.

The Secret Fire (The Alchemist Chronicles #1) by C.J. Daugherty & Carina Rozenfeld

~ A girl from England, a boy from France. They don’t know one another (nor about each other) but are somehow connected, and they only have eight weeks to find each other before some bad things go down. Yep, I’m interested.

•And lastly, Quintina (Book Two of the Starseed Series) by Meghan Riley

~ I’d read the first book and enjoyed it well enough, so when I was offered a chance to review the second book by the author, I jumped on the opportunity! The first book left me at such a cliffhanger, I had to find out what was going to happen next! So here’s hoping I get to start the book sometime soon! 


There we have my most recent book haul/book mail. Did you read any of these? Did you like it? 

Thanks for reading!!! 



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