Review of ‘Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia’ by Marzia Bisognin

Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarziaDream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia by Marzia Bisognin

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to love this-I really did-but as great as the synopsis sounded, it just wasn’t.

Great, that is.

For the longest time, I couldn’t help but think our MC, Amethyst, was a strange level of idiot. Now, I’m not sure about you, but even if it’s pouring rain out, I’m not going into just anyone’s home-even if they’re a smiling, elderly couple (I saw The Visit!!!)-to stay the night! And were I to wake up the next morning to find that the couple were gone, would I stay another month waiting for them to come back, just so I can say thank you to their faces???

Not me!!!

No, I would seriously get out of dodge and off to the relative safety of not the “Dream House”.

The house starts out as Amethyst’s dream home, and she goes on describing all the things she loves about it, but after she wakes the next day to find the Blooms (the elderly couple) gone, strange things begin to happen. At this point, I’m assuming that the strange is going to lead to some awesome supernatural business.

It doesn’t. Not really.

We’re pretty much left speculating, why Amethyst is sticking it out in this house? What do these weird things she’s seeing stem from? And what the heck is up with the few other people she interacts with?! Their appearances are always strange, and obviously I’m wondering about their significance, cause they show up at weird moments, and leave just as quickly. Whatever.

Seriously, though, I really was disappointed in this book. The only reason I gave it two stars, was because the initial idea of this book was good. Bisognin really did come up with a clever premise, I just didn’t like the execution. And I didn’t like the absurdity of it. I didn’t like the “big reveal” that was the ending. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I was being generous giving this two stars? No, I’ll stick it out with the two and call it good.

There we go, my review. Whether you read it or not is up to you, I’ve done my part by letting you know how I felt about this book.

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