Monday Edition of #currentreads

 It seems to make sense to post on Mondays what I’m currently reading, since this is pretty much the start of my week (we all know that Sunday doesn’t count, ha ha!). So every Monday, my goal is to post a new set of current reads along with a book that will be considered a re-read, since I’m finding it’s more motivating (for me) to have one book that I know for sure I’ll enjoy, while reading two new ones. If I’m unable to do a Monday Edition, I will try to at least get one up by Friday at the latest, since weekends do tend to be when I do my least amount of reading. Now, below are the books I’m currently working on.



Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here by Anna Breslaw – getting ready to start this one, so I don’t have much to say about this one. (Got this in my April Uppercasebox , which I will make a post about tomorrow.)


Anna by Meghan Riley – 3% into this book so far, so also not very far in (seems to be a theme going here…but I did just finish a book this weekend, and that’s why I am just starting this and the previous book).


City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare – 4% in. This is my current re-read, and I’m actually finding that I don’t really remember this book at all, but considering I did read it in 2012, and I’ve read about fifteen million books (I’m clearly exaggerating for those who might not realize it) since then, I’m okay with the whole ‘going into this with fresh eyes’ thing. Though I must say that Jace and Clary are still annoying, but like the previous TMI book, I’m glad they’re giving the other characters bigger roles, cause I’d probably have a hard time reading this otherwise.


So there we are, now to get a work on those two I’ve barely started!


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