Review of ‘The Memory of Light’ by Francisco X. Stork

light Check out Goodreads for the synopis.

I actually had a hard time with trying to put together a review for this book. I kept thinking I needed to have some profound insights, and talk about how this book really had me thinking much deeper, because of the heavy subject matter. But then again, this is my review, I do not have to be deep (cause trust me, I very much am not).

Vicky Cruz shouldn’t be alive.

So the above blurb is what essentially had me interested in reading this book. The title, the cover, and that blurb had me originally thinking this was a fantasy or sci-fi book, but when I read on, I quickly realized it was not.

The Memory of Light is a story about a girl who doesn’t want to live. Not long after being hospitalized for an attempted suicide, she’s put into group therapy with several other young patients, and with these new friends, she is able to get a new awareness of life, though she’ll obviously still need to take time to get over the feeling of wanting to die.

I’m not going to say that Vicky was this ov erly complex character, but she was a good one. The author drew from his own experience with depression, and you can tell when you read this book. Vicky is obviously depressed, but doesn’t seem to realize it. Any rational person reading about this girl and her pain can tell that she’s suffering, though as we’re reading, we’re trying to figure out why. Why is it that Vicky just can’t bring herself to care about anything, and why does she want to die? That right there is what I kept reading for, what I kept hoping to find out, and I was satisfied in the end.

So, in conclusion, this was a well-written book that I will gladly recommend.


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